Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Little Ray-diation

After a particularly tiring Sunday morning, getting the Little Rays ready for church, keeping them quiet in church and getting them home from church I locked the screen doors with the key to ensure that my Rays stayed inside (it was sunny enough already outside) and went down the other end of the house to feed Littlest Ray and put her to bed.  BIG MISTAKE.

I fed LR3 and put her down, and thought it would be safe to lie down for a minute.  LR1 and LR2 had been fed and were busying themselves with colouring and a movie.  No sooner did I put my head down LR1 came running in looking very upset. "Mummy, I tried to cook a muffin and now there is steam in the kitchen". 

No there wasn't any steam in the kitchen, instead thick black smoke billowing out of the microwave as a once tasty banana muffin had received a LITTLE to much RAY-diation and was now a black charcoal mass.  It was cooked for 7 minutes. I rushed LR1 and LR2 to the front door and remembered it was locked so had to try and make my way through the kitchen (where the keys were) and then unlock the door, ran outside, took a deep breath and ran back in as I had to unlock the back door, all the while the microwave was still going.  I couldn't get to it to turn it off until I had opened the doors.

I managed to turn the microwave off with 30 seconds left of the clock. Opened the door and almost died on the spot from even more "steam" that came out when I opened the door to the microwave.  Luckily LR1, LR2 and LR3 were safe and no damage was done to the house except for an awful stench that is still lingering 5 days later.

Although Little Ray 1 was the one who caused the "almost fire" I was so proud of the way he dealt with the situation.  He was such a big responsible boy who made sure that LR2 was safe then came and told me, he did every thing I told him to do and made sure his little sister did too but as all this was happening, LR3 was down the "safe" end of the house and his biggest concern the whole time was for her safey.

While children are young they have many disagreements, arguments and fights with their siblings but as I reflect on the events of our Ray-diation experience I thank my Father in Heaven that somehow, amongst all the bickering and taddle tailing that goes on during family prayer, family scripture study and family home evening, they have learnt how important they are to each other, they know how much they love each other and have the strength and maturity to ensure each others safety even at such a tender young age.

I am so proud of my Little Ray-man.  He is such a blessing to me.


  1. Sometimes our little ones do surprise us ... they can fight like cat and dogs one minute and the next they would fight to the death to protect one of their own. Just goes to show that despite all the negative things there are often more positive and good things that happen in families. Nice post.

  2. That's crazy Heather. This reminds me that I keep meaning to ask you if LR1 can come home with us on a Sunday afternoon?